Online Psychometric Testing with Capital Recruitment

We have partnered with a consultancy with over 30 years experience in the Industrial Psychology field. The principles are very well published and have widespread knowledge of the Online Psychometric testing space. They are highly proven and have been conducted on over 800,000 candidates.

Online Psychometric testing can be very expensive. This is where we can help, our tests start from $70 which is a half to a third of what other consultancies charge. Our aim is to provide these valid and popular Online Psychometric tests to our clients to supplement our services at an affordable price.

For all organisations, our people are our most important assets. As managers we need to do everything we can to get the most out of employees and simultaneously provide a good environment for them. We need to know their motives and key drivers.

The Psychometric Testing can filter what qualities and characteristics our clients specifically want so they can eliminate the people they do and do not want to take further. This can be done prior to the interview.

Why Psychometric test candidates?

  • Psychometric testing reduces the chances of making a bad hire
  • Psychometric testing is a predictor of success on the job
  • Psychometric testing helps the employer understand the candidates work style and therefore the best way to get the best performance from the candidate on the job.
  • Online Psychometric testing is easy for the candidate and for you. The candidate receives a link from us & you receive the report directly via email.

As well as generic Online Psychometric tests we also have tests for specific sectors such as:
  • Hospitality
  • Sales
  • Healthcare
  • Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Office / Clerical
  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Management.
Psychometric Testing