Peter Crestani

Peter Crestani is one of Wellington’s leading and most experienced recruiters with over 14 years in the industry. He has a practical and straightforward approach to recruitment, serving some of the most successful and important roles in businesses to date. He strives to give the best in recruitment solutions for his clients, minimising the hassle of recruitment.

Peter’s career started in private and public sector roles for Energy. He then broadened his experience into Insurance and Publishing before managing some areas of Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum. He has also had experience in Information and Communications Technology. Within these sectors, Peter has held a variety of management roles including Operations Management, Management, Business Development and Strategic Planning. These roles have provided him with the breadth of expertise in recruitment that Capital Recruitment Ltd has been built on.

Peter established Capital Recruitment Ltd in 2005, with the aim of providing premium service and great quality recruitment for his clients no matter how hard the position may be to fill. He has achieved an extensive network of high performing candidates that are continuing to grow on the Capital database. Capital Recruitment Ltd does not only recruit for Wellington jobs, but has been extended to Auckland and Christchurch roles, all from the Wellington office. Peter has worked extremely hard to create an experienced network and believes that he or his staff could leave no role vacant. Peter’s long-term goal is to stay one step ahead of the ever-changing industry, making Capital Recruitment Ltd one of New Zealand’s leading recruitment agencies.

Peter holds a Master of Business Administration from Deacon University in Melbourne. He also sits on the National Council of Home Owners and Buyers Association (HOBANZ).

For more information, contact Peter on 04 978 6610. Alternatively, contact him directly via email on

Peter Crestani