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Can I work with Capital if they are not on the AOG Panel?

  1. Panel Provider (recruiter) can subcontract to a non AOG recruiter with the written consent of the Participating (government) Agency they are providing the services to.
  2. ll terms and conditions of the Providers’ Service Agreement apply (such as confidentially, performance and fees) to subcontracting arrangements.
    Capital has several sub contract arrangements in place so you can legitimately work with Capital via a Panel Provider.
    How will it work?

    You will get a standard RSO from the Panel Provider who Capital will subcontract through. The Panel Provider will be responsible for documentation, invoicing etc. The Capital team will still work directly with you.
    You will be invoiced via the Panel Provider and for contract roles, timesheets will be approved via Flexitime as is the case now, but through the Panel Provider.

    What do I have to do?

    You just approve the RSO via email as you do now.
    Participating Agency consent needs to be granted by the person with the appropriate delegated authority, this is the same person with the authority to sign-off on recruitment services orders. An email from the appropriate delegated authority is sufficient written consent.

    What will it cost?

    The cost will be the Panel Provider’s AoG fee, plus MBIE fee. It will not cost you any more via the subcontract model!

    Our consultants have placed numerous roles ranging across many different parts of the Public Sector.

    Because we have worked closely across the Public Sector, we know the processes thoroughly. Our database holds thousands of candidates that have had experience in the Public Sector, encompassing many different roles from permanent roles to contracts opportunities.

    Capital Recruitment Ltd works with the best of the best of candidates, and have been highly successful with positive feedback from a wide variety of organisations. We aim to provide a top quality experience for candidates and employers.

    Areas we specialise in are:

    • Project/Programme Management
    • Policy
    • Analysis
    • ICT contracting resources – why pay vendor rates!!!

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